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Zandalar Tribe

These trolls have come to Yojamba Isle in an effort to recruit help against the resurrected Blood God and his Atal'ai Priests in Zul'Gurub.

Zandalar Tribe trolls have come to Yojamba Isle in Stranglethorn Vale in the effort to recruit help against the resurrected Blood God and his Atal'ai Priests in Zul'Gurub and in the Sunken Temple.


The Zandalarians were the earliest known trolls, the first tribe from which all tribes originated. Over time two distinct troll empires emerged- the Amani and the Gurubashi. They existed for thousands of years until the coming of the Night Elves, who warred with them and eventually drove both empires into exile.

Following the Great Sundering, the defeated Gurubashi grew ever more desperate to eke out a living. Searching for a means to survive, they enlisted the aid of the savage Blood God Hakkar, also known as the Soulflayer. Hakkar grew into a merciless oppressor who demanded daily sacrifices from his devotees, and so in time the Gurubashi turned on their dark master. The strongest tribes (including the Zandalar) banded together to defeat Hakkar and his loyal troll priests, the Atal'ai. The united tribes narrowly defeated the Blood God and cast out the Atal'ai... despite their victory, however, the Gurubashi Empire soon fell.

In recent years the exiled Atal'ai priests have discovered that Hakkar's physical form can only be summoned within the ancient and once-deserted capital of the Gurubashi Empire, Zul'Gurub. Unfortunately, the priests have met with success in their quest to call forth Hakkar— reports confirm the presence of the dreaded Soulflayer in the heart of the ruins.

And so the Zandalar tribe has arrived on the shores of Azeroth to battle Hakkar once again. But the Blood God has grown increasingly powerful, bending several tribes to his will and even commanding the avatars of the Primal Gods— Bat, Panther, Tiger, Spider and Snake. With the tribes splintered, the Zandalarians have been forced to recruit champions from Azeroth's varied and disparate races to battle, and hopefully once again defeat, the Soulflayer.


Reputation with the Zandalar Tribe us gained from killing trash and bosses in Zul'Gurub as well as repeatable and special quests which require instance-dropped items to complete. Each full run of Zul'Gurub gives approximately 2,500-3,000 reputation.

Before the Burning Crusade, the main reason for gaining reputation with the tribe were the shoulder, head and leg slot item enchants. As well, there were popular alchemy and enchanting recipes that many end-game guilds sought after. All rewarded items from the item set within Zul'Gurub required a set level of reputation.