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Magram Clan Centaur

These centaur have made their home in the eastern region of Desolace. Mortal enemies of the Gelkis Centaur.

Magram are a tribe of centaur who have made their home in the southeastern parts of Desolace. They are mortal enemies of the Gelkis centaur, a brother tribe also located in southern Desolace. The founding leader, or Khan, of the Magram was Magra, third of the alleged offspring of Zaetar and Theradras. They are presently lead by Khan Jehn and the clan representative Warug.

The Magram hold no alliance with their brother tribes, but have been known to act both hostile and passive towards members of the Alliance and Horde.


Originally lead by the Third Khan Magra, the Magram situated themselves against the mountain ranges of Desolace when the centaur divided into five tribes and have remained there ever since.

Before the death of Magra, he installed the idea that strength was essential and the tribe’s survival depended on their fighting spirit. When their brother tribe of Gelkis centaur spoke out against this notion, arguing that Theradras always watches over the centaur and will keep the tribes safe and alive, an eternal feud between the two tribes was born.

The life-long pursuit of strength has carried on through the Khans of Magram to this day, turning them violent and determined. To solidify their title as the strongest the tribe still fights fiercely to weaken or destroy their brother clans, viewing the Kolkar as weak, the Gelkis as nothing more than a nuisance, and the Maraudine as a formidable enemy.

It can be assumed that the Magram’s culture has developed into revolving around strength worship above all else. When compared to the Gelkis, the Magram hold very primitive forms of speech and social structure. For example, their grasp of common is limited and the position of Khan would likely be sought through a death match of sorts.


One of the two factions situated in Desolace, you are required to have a certain amount of reputation with the Magram in order to start their quests. Reputation for the Magram can be gained by killing Gelkis monsters. When killing Gelkis monsters, you gain 20 reputation with Magram and lose 100 with the Gelkis tribe.