Quick Facts
Added in content phase: 1.5
  • Level: 63
  • Buy for: 6
  • Sells for: 1 50
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Plans: Enchanted Thorium Helm

Plans: Enchanted Thorium Helm
Binds when picked up
Requires Blacksmithing (300)
Requires Armorsmith
Use: Teaches you how to make Enchanted Thorium Helm.

Enchanted Thorium Helm
60 sec cast
   Blacksmith Hammer
  Arcanite Bar (6), Enchanted Thorium Bar (16), Essence of Earth (6), Large Opal (2), Azerothian Diamond

Enchanted Thorium Helm
Binds when equipped
526 Armor
+25 Stamina
+12 Strength
Durability 80 / 80
Requires Level 57
Equip: Increased Defense +9.


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